First Session of BIG3 Exhibition

We are pleased and honored to invite you to participate in first session of BIG3 Exhibition which includes the following three specialties {Building and Construction Technology Exhibition – Heavy Machinery and Equipment Exhibition – Cars Exhibition} organized by Home Land company for Fairs, Conferences and Advertisement under the auspices of the Ministry of the Trade and Ministry of the Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works.

 Baghdad International Fairground

  17 – 20 March, 2019








Heavy Machinery and Equipment

All related to the heavy machinery and equipment that are involved in the construction works, roads, dams, transport of materials and construction materials factories of various types.


The interest in this activity comes from that Iraq is among the countries that import large numbers of cars from different origins and the Iraqi market is considered one of the most important markets for the manufacturers and exporters and has a good ranking among the automotive consuming countries.

Building and Construction Technology

Given what Iraq is going through of almost complete destruction of the infrastructures, buildings and citizen houses, in particular in the governorates exposed to the attacks of Al-Qaeda and Daesh and what left behind destroyed by clearnce operations in these areas such as buildings, infrastructures and citizen houses, this exhibition is one of the most significant exhibitions held in Iraq for the first time in order to bring the international and local companies along with investors.


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